Sunday, November 02, 2008

Forever Friends

Anthology by members of the Published Authors Network and Forum

The anthology is out at last! In May this year, members of the Published Authors Network and Forum came up with the idea of an anthology to celebrate friendship between writers on the world wide web. I edited the submissions and compiled the anthology, Forever Friends.

From the many submissions, I selected thirty-one short stories and twenty-nine poems from forty-seven contributors. The attraction of this collection of work lies in its diversity and variety of genres. From romance and mystery to fantasy and science fiction, there is something for everyone. While some stories are short and pithy, others are thought-provoking and satisfying. All are entertaining.

Forever Friends is a celebration of the power of friendship and human relationships. The breadth and depth of the stories cover all ages from young to old. Filled with love and respect for family, friends, pets and even a telescope, these stories are guaranteed to entertain the most discerning reader. Thoughtful poems of friendship and love will bring smiles or tears and encourage readers to read the next story. The fiction and non-fiction works in this book express friendship as timeless, enduring and forever.

Forever Friends View the book


Chelle Cordero said...

I've sat and read pieces at a time - it is a terrific collection of talent (no, I am NOT talking of myself!) and heartwarming stories and poems. You did a terrific job with this anthology.

shelagh said...

Thanks Chelle! I think the anthology has something for everyone.