Friday, September 29, 2006

More information

My PhotoThe heading to this post is correct but the information isn't new. At least, not new to the 'net. I seem to have added information all over the web: my website, on-line bookstores, forums, myspace, on-line newspapers and libraries.
All the information is about writing with a little bit about why I write. So, why do I write? I'm not sure. A bit like climbing mountains I suppose. Have keyboard, will write.
I don't write to influence, impress or educate anyone. I write because not writing would mean not expressing any ideas.
So here I am, sharing my ideas.
I'm not exactly full of ideas today so this blog entry might be brief.
I'm digressing again. This is supposed to provide more information and I've provided very little.
I've already mentioned New Zealand. Not the only antipodean region I've visited. I had a great time in Australia on a couple of occasions. The first time I visited Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and somehow ended up on a round trip from Coolangata airport to Melbourne and back in a day. But that's a long story. I'll save that for another blog entry.
I've done quite a bit of travelling around the world and I've lived in three countries in the UK. I was born in England, lived in Scotland for twenty-six years and I now live in South Wales.
More about me later.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

My first blog

My PhotoThis is my first blog. I'm Shelagh. That's the Irish spelling of Sheila. I'm from the UK and my first novel Mr. Planemaker's Flying Machine was published in 2005.