Saturday, September 09, 2006

My first blog

My PhotoThis is my first blog. I'm Shelagh. That's the Irish spelling of Sheila. I'm from the UK and my first novel Mr. Planemaker's Flying Machine was published in 2005.


Tarek said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere

shelagh said...


sluggerette said...

I dont want to be pedantic, but the Irish spelling of Sheila is Síle.

Good luck with your blog


shelagh said...

Thanks Sheila. You're quite right, Sile (SHEE-la) "blind" or "gray eyes" is the Irish form of Cecilia. The spelling varies: Sheela, Sheelah, Sheila, Shelagh, Sheelagh, Shiela, Sheilag, Cicily, Celia, Selia, Sissy.

I should have said that Shelagh is one way to spell the Irish name, Sile.

In my novel, The Power of Persuasion, the title of one of the chapters is "A Sheila by any other name" but that's an Australian Sheila! Strewth!

Kathleen said...

This is my first visit, Nice to meet you!